Black Bears are widely distributed throughout New Brunswick however there are some relatively “untapped” regions where the population is higher, this is where Black Bear Lodge hunts, for both spring and fall seasons. They have eleven hunting sectors 10 to 30 miles apart. Each sector has 3 to 5 bait sites with a distance 2 to 3 miles apart as the crow flies. Their baits are hunted using metal 300 lb. ladder stands with a 500 lb. 2 person capacity. Hunters may bring their own climber and they will have a tree ready for climbing at the bait site. Hunters are transported to their stand and picked up by their guide with his vehicle within a short walking distance. Your Guide will remain in the area at rifle shot hearing distance or FRS radio range for rifle or Bow hunters during the hunt. Check out their site for more details.

June 1st of this year I had the opportunity to go hunt Bear with Black Bear lodge. I have long wanted to hunt bear but have always been hesitant because of not knowing what I’m getting myself into, no good references, etc, etc. I took a chance with Gil at Black Bear Lodge. Gil seem to know what he was talking about in regards to bear. He didn’t sugar coat anything and he didn’t promise anything he couldn’t deliver. He spoke highly of his operation and I took a chance.

I wasn’t going alone to New Brunswick. I was heading up there with a couple other guys to film one of our TV shows for Own the Zone TV. From start to finish it was an awesome experience. Gil, the owner knows his stuff. He made sure we were full at breakfast, supper, and dinner. All our bait sites were active and the laughs carried on from the time we met till the time we got drop off back at the airport. I would like to tell you how many bears went down, why one guy was keeping a little stuffed bear in his Hunter Safety System pocket, but I can’t. Tune in each week on Own the Zone TV to find out what really went down in New Brunswick at Black Bear Lodge. And in the meantime if you’re looking to book a bear hunt for 2009 give Gil a call and tell him Paul from Own the Zone TV sent ya.