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Successful Hunting Trip
That's what Black Bear Lodge is all about!
Note: Space limitations on this web site prevent all successful hunters & trophies from being shown.
Photos displayed have been selected based on 'web clarity' of the photo and as well, random sampling.


here's lookin' at ya, sweetheart!!

Carl Vecere Bear
Carl Vecere's Bear
Wayne Maybie Bear
Wayne Maybie Bear
This spot
reserved for
YOUR trophy!
Barrel crusher
Barrel crusher
Higgin's bear
Higgin's bear
Wilderness bear
Wilderness bear
Spring hunt
Spring hunt
Spring hunt
Spring hunt
Spring hunt
Spring hunt
Jim Peachee and guide Jos
Jim Peachee and guide Jos
Another successful hunt
Tom Bryant's bear,
Tom Bryant's bear
Gil, your host, and Floyd, negotiating
Gil, your host
& Floyd, negotiating..
Darryl Uhrig, Pa., Successful hunt
Darryl Uhrig, Pa.,
Successful hunt

Denis Sheck, Successful hunt
Denis Sheck.,
Successful hunt

Future Bruin Guides, Bradley, Jordan & Robbie - Jos's sons
Future Bruin Guides
Bradley, Jordan & Robbie
- Jos's sons
Gordy Horner VT with guides Gil l& Jos
Gordy Horner, VT
with guides Gil & Jos
Tim Bonnett, W Va., Successful hunt
Tim Bonnett, W Va.,
Successful hunt
Pete Vislusky, successful hunt
Pete Vislusky
Successful hunt
Conrad St. Laurent
Conrad St Laurent, Me.

Conrad's bruin, 9 mo's later back at home
Conrad's bruin, 9 mo's
later back at home

Conrad St. Laurent, Ron Corona & Ed Lugari Jr
Conrad St Laurent, Me
Ronald Corona, De
Ed Lugari Jr, NY

Successful hunter

Jos & Ron Corona, Dover Delaware
Jos & Ron Corona, De

Martin Kundle & Guide Jos,
Martin Kundle & Guide Jos

George Limson
George Limson, NY

Ed Lugari Jr
Ed Lugari Jr, NY

Pat Hoehn
Pat Hoehn, Ga

trophy sized bears!     another great hunt!     a truckload of trophy!    

Mitch Saville & Bill Willis, VA - Two bears over 350 Lbs on the same day!     Fred Hifflen, AL & Guide Lorne     Steven T Holzhauer, NY -& his guide Jos    

Stacie Peck, NY     Vito Luergo, NY - his bear almost covered an 8' table!     Heather Beebe, NJ - Big male black    

Bears so plentiful here, they 'grow in trees' - seriously, three yearlings in a tree     Metro & Scott Mazurac, PA - Father & son, first day bear     Bob & Joe, NY    

A Misaro, AL     George Boyd Bear sneaking toward bait     S Banks, AL    

Frank Caletti, PA - Traditional Bow Hunter     now this is a GREAT trophy!     T L Forrest, AL with 'Bear Claw'    

Bill Meyer, 74 years young, and son Gerald


now this is a trophy buck! ... going to need a bigger car! ... whitetail deer in spring time! ... Now that's a nice trophy!


now that's a trophy rack! Gil with young Bull Moose! Moose in spring time!staring down the hunter!
No, you have not died and gone to heaven!!


a good day's shooting!   pheasant galore!   two experienced retrievers, Bindy Sue & Tara!

This could be YOUR trophy!

WOW! That says it all!!

We were lucky it was a big truck!

really big bear trophies for sharp hunters!

I am waiting for you

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