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Whitetail Deer & Moose Hunting

Whitetail Deer

now that's a nice rack!
now that's a nice rack!
now that's a nice rack!
Francis Sippley, Fall 2009 in N.B.
Video Clip - check out a really nice 11 pointer (18" spread)
(Harvested by James Peachee, N-Carolina, 2006 at Black Bear Lodge - james.wmv -3.80 MB)

Our Deer Season begins with the Archery-Only season which lasts from the First week to the end of the third week of October. The Rifle, Black Powder and Bow Deer Hunting season runs from the Last week of October through the third week of November. In total, there are thirty types of whitetail deer. Those in eastern Canada are known as odocoileus virginian borealis, a woodland deer. Our hunting zone is situated partly in Queens and Kings Counties. This area has had the top adult buck harvest ratio per square kilometer since statistics have been kept in New Brunswick! Average field dress weight of a mature buck varies from 200 to 365 pounds; the latter harvested by George Kennedy in 1992.

We offer tree stands and also ground stands. For those who do not wish to remain in one spot, we guide them along deer trails, water holes, river crossings etc... We offer hunting on logging roads, trails on old and new cuttings, hardwood ridges, abandoned orchards, snowmobile trails, power lines etc.. Weather and terrain conditions usually determine the best method to use. Whether using a bow, black powder or rifle, and hunting in heavy bush or sparse cover, bogs, rivers, mixed woods, fir, spruce, hardwood, swamps, abandoned farms or crop fields, these elusive bucks will challenge your hunting skills.

By carefully monitoring deer movement over past years, before, during and after hunting seasons, we have learned to predict deer movement patterns. Bucks, unless disturbed or spooked, are creatures of habit and will normally return to the previous season's scraping sectors. We establish ambush points along their routes using tree or ground stands. One important factor to keep in mind is that despite good hunting skills and techniques, you really need to be at the right place at the right time! We will do our best to get you there.

Check out this October opportunity for the New Brunswick "Grand Slam"... black bear and whitetail deer! Hunt black bear with rifle, black powder or bow during early October and when you bag your trophy bear, gear up for an exciting bow hunt for whitetail deer. New Brunswick's early archery season puts you on stand early in the season when those trophy bucks have virtually no hunting pressure! Enjoy five days and six nights accommodation with our "Grand Slam" package. You'll be glad you did!


Having been successful in the annual draw, you will have only three days to hunt so your success will depend on a wise choice. Non-residents have an advantage over resident hunters who must specify the zone in which he would like to hunt when he applies for the draw. Non-residents do not have to specify a zone until picking up the license. Your outfitter has the option of choosing any zone and the flexibility to change hunting locations should circumstances warrant it.

We have access to five zones. Big bulls will normally be found with females in September. With only 3 days hunting allowed, alternate hunting sites within a zone are a "must".

Non-Resident Moose Hunting
Opportunities in New Brunswick

Non-residents are now able to apply for the opportunity to hunt moose in New Brunswick! New Brunswick has a healthy and growing moose population. One hundred (100) licenses will be allocated to non-residents by random drawing! Please e-mail or call Gil toll-free (1-800-294-7555) to have a moose hunting application form mailed to you. All applications must be in by April 30th!

Who can apply? Eligible applicants must be 16 years of age or older, have their principle place of residence outside the province of New Brunswick and must not have had their hunting priveleges revoked under the authority of the New Brunswick Fish and Wildlife Act!

Take the challenge of the Big Game Double-Header! Get ready for the heart-pounding action when your trophy moose appears - you'll need nerves of steel and a steady aim! Warm-up for your moose hunt by spending four days bow-hunting for trophy black bear. The price for a combination hunt of eight days and ten nights includes all accommodations, home-cooked meals, airport transportation (Fredericton), guide service, trophy preparation and taxes.

Packages are available for moose hunting only.

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