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- Built by Isaac Shirley in 1947, this camp is the only camp on Cameron Lake. Situated miles from other camps, this camp represents wilderness at its best. You can enjoy true wilderness without worrying about survival. This camp allows sports to hunt in relatively untapped Bear, Deer and Moose territories.

The camp is equipped with a propane stove also propane BBQ to cook your meals and a wood stove to keep you warm. Generators provide lighting and drinking water from UV treated water in 250 gallon tanks. And most important for a hunters, a portable hot water shower tent prior to hunting. Two double bed bunks and two single beds can accommodate six hunters or 10 persons if required. There are mattresses and pillows on beds, pots and pans, dishes, toaster, coffee-maker and cutlery provided at the camp.

Hunters are required to bring the following with them:
Sleeping bag and pillow cases, personal hygiene articles, scent-free soap and shampoo, paper towels, dishwashing soap or foam dishes, their own groceries and their own coolers. A mid-week logistic trip by the outfitter will bring fresh ice or any other items required for the rest of the week.

Thanks to two nearby towers, your cellular phone will let you get in touch with your family from the camp. FRS radios will keep you in touch with your fellow hunters and guides in the hunting sectors.

The camp is located 24.4 miles as a crow flies or 69 miles by road. Roads are a combination of paved and logging roads which don’t require 4WD. Transportation to and from stands will be your guides responsibility. Trips to a taxidermist or meat cutter will be your responsibility. We will provide route map/cards to each facility.

For ATV’S there are many wilderness roads available. Hunters who choose to bring their own ATV’s must also bring a helmet and ensure that their vehicles are licensed in their home state or province if required. Gas stations are non existent in the wilderness: Bring containers for gas. Also bring a camera as this is prime moose habitat and you would hate to miss out on that 'photo of a lifetime'!

We supply 15 ft ladder stands with all around camouflage for bow and with a rifle rest, when required. We also have 2-person stands for well muscled hunters up to 500 lbs. A ground blind may also be set-up for those with physical limitations and those who have a fear of heights. Hunters may bring their own climbers if they wish - let us know and we will prepare the tree for climbing.

Cameron Lake - view from the Camp

- Spring bear Bow & Rifle. April 19th to June 26th 2013.
- Fall bear (Bow only). September 13th to 25th 2013.
    (In Bow-only season the only hunters in the woods are bow hunters and their guides).
- Fall bear (Bow & Rifle). October 1st to November 6th 2013.

Information packages applicable to your hunt will be forwarded to you upon receipt of your booking confirmation and deposit. Whether hunting at the lodge or the camp, this package will answer any further questions regarding the hunt (i.e.): Clothing, Equipment, Regulations, Customs, Procedures, Bow hunting information, Directions to lodge etc. This Package will be send by E-mail or by mail - your choice. Your Guide will lead you to the range after briefing, if required, on the way to camp on Sunday. Hunters at our lodge will proceed to the range on Monday morning.

- Six nights’ accommodation and five days hunting.
- Hunters to RV TO Lodge for briefing and licenses at 1 pm Sunday, prior to hunt.
- Hunters with firearms will stop at the range on their way to the camp to ensure rifles are ok.
- Vehicles will be topped up with gas or diesel in Cole Island on the way to camp. (Tip: vehicles should be topped up before crossing the Canadian Border - fuel prices may be less expensive). Include a fuel container for ATV if required.

We normally take our trophies to Dale Robinson, Owner/Operator of Tratton Run Wilderness Company - one of the top three Taxidermists in North America. We highly recommend his company although we can refer you to another taxidermist if you wish (see link on our web site). In the last 20 years, there has not been a single complaint about Dale's service - we have received nothing but praises! They will weigh and take measurements of your bear then skin your trophy according to the mount or rug you choose to have done. You can leave your trophy with them and they will send it to you when completed at no cost to you for skinning, or you may want to take the hide with you do the skinning in which case the hide will have to be frozen at the lodge and then be picked up on your way back to the US from the camp. Meat cutting, wrapping and freezing is also available. Sausage can be made with bear meat mixed with other meat or with garlic and honey - several choices are available. Once skinned, your meat can be dropped off at the meat cutter on your way back to camp and then picked up frozen for your trip back home. Not every meat cutter does bear because all equipment has to be cleaned before any other type of meat is cut. Rate per bear is $100 US. When you wish your bear meat sausage mixed with other meat, the other meat will be provided at $3.00 US per lb. or you can cut or chunk it yourself and we will freeze it at the lodge for you.

Wilderness Camp Rates Per Group - taxes and rebate included.
- $1,500 per person US per Group of 3 hunters (Minimum)
- $1,400 US per Group of 4 hunters
- $1,300 per person US per Group of 5 hunters
- $1,200 per person US per Group of 6 Hunters (Maximum)

Due to vacation time or other reasons it might be difficult to organize a hunting group from your area. One thing that we all share is the pleasure of hunting and enjoying the wilderness. Bear hunting from baited stands is different than hunting moose, deer and birds. As hunters we can hunt as a group in blinds, share in calling, organize game drives etc. A bear hunter, over bait, once settled into in his hunting position, is all by himself and he controls everything from A to Z, so it makes no differences if he is from Ohio and the hunter that slept in the bunk next to him, in a stand 2 miles away, is from PA or elsewhere. They may share accommodations and eat their own food but the hunt at the stand belongs to only one sportsperson after the guide departs from the bait site. The hunter assigned to that stand has full control of the hunt. So, if you are by yourself or only a couple of hunters, we can form a group from the same state or different states to form a group of 3 to 6 - thereby reducing everyones per person cost!

Bear licenses are available at the lodge, cost is approx $184.19 Cdn per license (applicable bank exchange rates for that date will be given to you). Please NOTE - the minimum age permitted for bear hunting is 16 years old. Our guides will stay closer to young 'first time' hunters.

You can book by e-mail, telephone or fax, Reservations will be confirmed once the $700 US non-refundable deposit per hunter has been received.
Methods of payment are as follow:
- Personal cheques will be accepted no later than 60 days prior to hunt.
- You may also use cashier cheques or money transfer from your bank to our bank - information on money transfers is available on request.
- We also welcome American express, Master Card and Visa credit cards. (note - we will charge you 5% extra to cover the administration fees charged by the credit card companies).
- Balance of fee will be due on arrival by Cash, Travelers cheque, Cashiers cheque or international money order, payable to 'Black Bear Lodge' -or- you may use one of the above mentioned credit cards.
- Reminder: Your deposit is 'non-refundable' however it may be transferred to another hunter for the same week).

There are absolutely NO hidden or extra costs! We operate on old-fashioned honesty, integrity and a belief in “customer satisfaction”! With a limit of 6 hunters per week, it is important that reservations be made as early as possible so don’t wait, BOOK NOW!

Book your hunt early! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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