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Bear Hunting in New Brunswick,

We thank you for considering us in planning your future Black Bear Hunt in New Brunswick. There are many outfitters available and the task of choosing one may be overwhelming so let us tell you why Black Bear Lodge is the correct choice to make!

Black Bears are widely distributed throughout New Brunswick however there are some relatively "untapped" regions where the population is higher, these are where we hunt, for both spring and fall seasons. We have eleven hunting sectors 10 to 30 miles apart. Each sector has 3 to 5 bait sites with a distance 2 to 3 miles apart as the crow flies. Our baits are hunted using metal 300 lb. ladder stands with a 500 lb. 2 person capacity. We have some wooden platform and ladder stands, also Climber stands. Hunters may bring their own climber - we will have a tree ready for climbing at the bait site. Hunters are transported to their stand and picked up by their guide with his vehicle within a short walking distance. Your Guide will remain in the area at rifle shot hearing distance or FRS radio range for rifle or Bow hunters during the hunt. We do not track wounded animals after legal shooting time. We will resume tracking at legal time the next day. Every hunter will be picked up at his or her stand, at the latest, one hour after the legal hunting time if you are the last one to be picked up. Normally, priority for first pick up is given to young first time bear hunter, Seniors or when requested by someone not comfortable in the dark.

Animal Recovery. We use 8x8 Amphibious ATV and 4x4 ATV's combined with the best tracking guides in Canada, so we have no problem recovering any dead animals anywhere, on land or water, with no hardship to our hunting guests.


  • Bow hunting maximum 20-25 yards.
  • Muzzle Loaders 50 to 100 yards.
  • Rifle 75 to 200 yards or less if required.

We also offer ground stands at distances of 100-150 yards from the bait. We bait from April 1st to the end of the fall bear season. In late December, after bears are in their winter dens, we fill up the barrels in area's that are hard to reach in early spring so baiting starts immediately the bears leave their dens.

Hunters are guaranteed an active bait!

We have maintained an outstanding record in hunting Blackies since 1989!
Our success rate at attracting Blackies to the bait is 100%

Black Bear Lodge Mobile Camp (B.B.L. Camp)

Lodge & Mobile Camp SEASONS: - NB Seasons are Spring & Fall.

SPRING: begins the 3rd week of April until the end of June. Any legal weapon may be used.
FALL: begins with an Archery season in mid-September, and from the 1st week of October to the end of the first week in November, any legal weapon may be used.
(**Note: spring season bears have a thicker coat of hair, fall bears are generally bigger.)

Order Surf 'n Turf - Black Bear Lodge Style! Start your five day - six night adventure pursuing trophy black bear in the boreal forests of New Brunswick. Our expert guides will set you in the heart of bear country, assuring you every opportunity for success. After you bag that Bruin of a lifetime, continue your adventure by fishing for smallmouth bass or track with our dogs or yours through the uplands after woodcock and grouse, or hit the marshes for waterfowl - for a small additional fee!

Book your hunt early! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Customer Testimonials..

From: "Anthony C. Roman"
To: gilbertpelletier
Subject: RE:


I want to thank you for your generous hospitality in extending yourself to my fellow hunters and I. It was, by your effort, a special experience for all of us! You are indeed a true sportsman and a gentleman.

Warmest regards to you and your staff.......

Tony Roman

From: "David Gingras"



We all enjoyed the hunt and learning more about black bears. While I was away there were three instances of sows with cubs entering houses in Northern New Jersey! The three sows were shot by NJ Fish and game personnel because they were aggressive and the concern was that the cubs would grow up thinking that houses were a source of food! Unfortunately they now have nine orphaned cubs that they release back into the woods after they are a year old.

Bear hunting is controversial here in New Jersey with court cases resulting in a hunt every other year. These incidents should help the case for hunting them in the fall.

Thanks for your great hospitality and hopefully the rest of the season results in some big bears.

Dave Gingras

From: "Gil - Black Bear Lodge"
To: Tom McCartin

Hi Tom we're all happy that you made it back home safe and sound. Mike shot at a bear last night. we went ealy this morning. Dave. Jos Steve and we had blood at first bright red l figure that we were looking at a flesh wound. when he brush against vegetation and a small chip of bone came from his right front leg we determine that no vital was hit. we found where he lay down twice. got up proceed to a muddy area where he patch his would and after finding a peice of congealed blood his blood trail stop and he kept moving heading for the bait area. the barell was hit again after Dave and Jim and Mike left.we all agreed that he will fully recover and probably will live and will be a more wary bear. Dave and Jim heading back from Cumberland Bay yesterday before lunch yesterday afternoon saw a huge bear crossing the road in front of them, Jim had his rifle out of the case and got all excited and and couldn't shoot before the bear disappeared. They left early this morning since they had to catch a plane at noon. it has been a good week. We hope to see you Tony and Dave again some day. We have fond memories of your hunt and the ambiance that your group brought to us. keep safe and God bless. Papa Bear.

From: "Tom McCartin"
To: gilbertpelletier


Everyone home and okay and Dave made the wedding, so no family trouble. How did you guys do on Friday night? Anyone get a bear? Let me know, we're all anxious to hear.

Thanks for a great hunt. We are all looking forward to next time.

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