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Black Bear Lodge Mobile Camp (BBL Camp)

Chris Wally with Guide Wayne, BBL Camp
Chris Wally with Guide Wayne
BBL Camp

Kevin Miller and dad Ralf after a successful spring hunt at BBL Camp
Kevin Miller and dad Ralf
after a successful spring hunt
at BBL Camp
Wayne Mabie, NJ
Wayne Mabie, NJ - BIG female
275 Lb field dressed

Wayne Mabie, BBL Camp
Wayne Mabie, BBL Camp,
Back for another trophy

Wayne and his friend Jim, something to do with a promise
Wayne and his friend Jim,
..something to do
with a promise!
Sgt. David Hilhuer, Pa.,  BBL Camp
Sgt. David Hilhuer, Pa.
BBL Camp

Doug Chaney & Chris Turner
Doug Chaney & Chris Turner,
Rob Jenkins, VA,
Rob Jenkins, Va.

nice trio of black bears
BBL Camp - visitors on
their way to the taxidermist.
Randy Mayes
Jim Davis, Fla.
- with guide "Jos"
Heather & Russel Jenkins 3d
Heather & Russell Jenkins III
Andrew, Jeremy & Brandon Jenkins
Andrew, Jeremy & Brandon
Jenkins, Va.,
Warren & Russell Jenkins
Warren & Russell Jenkins IV
Randy Mayes
Randy Mayes, W-Va., Bow,
- with guide "Jos"
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- The mobile camp allows hunters to hunt in relatively untapped bear territories and provides the flexibility to set-up camp and hunt areas that have not been hunted in zone 18.

BBL Camp consists of two or three travel trailers, a 23, 22 and 19ft. that can comfortably accommodate two hunters per trailer for a minimum of four and maximum of six hunters. Hunting equipment will be hung in a tent to eliminate food scents. The two Guides will have their own trailer and will do their own cooking. For hunters who wish to bring their own trailers, RV or tents, we will provide guide service only, with a rate reduction of $200 Cdn per hunter. The main lodging road to the camping area is safe to travel with trailers or RV travelling at a low speed and does not require a 4WD vehicle. For hunters with tents, if requested, we can set you up with drinking water and a hot water outdoor shower and shelter for $10 a day per group.

Hunters will be required to bring their own groceries and prepare their own meals. Dishes, pots, pans, coffee maker, toaster and cutlery are provided in trailers with a propane BBQ available for outside cooking.
Hunters will be required to bring the following; paper towels, dishwashing soap, sleeping bag and pillows, personal hygiene articles, scent-free shampoo and scent-free soap (which is recommended for the hunt), good bug suit or Thermacell mosquito repellent for the spring hunt, soundless and durable rain gear and hip waders (optional for those who plan on doing some fishing).
UV light filtered drinking water will be transported from the lodge in a 250 Gal. water tank on a trailer and another 200 Gal. tank for refill purposes, along with ice if required, on our mid week supply run. For hunters with their own trailers, we will set up the water tanks, if requested, for the cost of fuel for the truck involved. Cost will be approximately $80.Cdn.

Potable shower water will be pumped from the water tank to a hot tap shower system in the trailer with a shower, as well to the outdoor shower tent.
Power will be generated through 5500 and 2000 watt generators. Cellular Phones will provide communication with the rest of the world. Bring your own cellular if you wish to keep in touch with your family.
- Environmentally safe portable toilets will be provided, with shelters.
- The camp will be set-up approximately 60 miles from the Lodge. Road conditions to the camp consist of paved and dirt roads which will not necessarily require a 4WD.
- For ATVís there are many wilderness roads available. Hunters who choose to bring their ATVís must also bring helmets and ensure that their vehicles are licensed in their home state or province, if required. Gas stations are non existent in the wilderness; Bring containers for Gas, also bring a camera as this is also prime moose habitat.

- 15 ft. ladder stands with all-around camo and rifle rest will be used. We also have 2 person stands for well-muscled hunters up to 500 lbs.
- Ground underbrush blinds may also be set-up for those with physical limitations and those who have a fear of heights.
- Hunters who wish to bring their own climbers are welcome to do so, we also have a "Viper XLS" and a "Gator" as back-up should something go wrong with your own climber.

A Black Bear Lodge cottage hunt -vs- a Black Bear Lodge Mobile camp hunt.
The $300 difference in price is simple; the hunt at the lodge/cottage includes prepared and served meals, satellite TV, CD music etc. In contrast, with the B.B.L. packages where hunters are required to bring groceries and prepare their own meals at the camp. We will bait weeks prior to hunts. Fuel and man hours required for baiting, when you compare the distance between the lodge and cottage, have to be taken into consideration. The B.B.L. experience provides an opportunity for those of you who wish to taste a more rustic environment and leave behind all the 'excitement' of phones, crowds, and traffic. Rest assured, you will have lots of elbow room and will not have to struggle with leaky tents, wood fires or wood stoves. We believe that our mobile camp will provide you with a wilderness experience and a great opportunity for hunting in a relatively untapped area, with minimum loss of comfort. Group Bookings - minimum four, maximum six per week.

Book your hunt early! We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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